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„DIT-М” LTD is specialized in carrying out of qualitative diagnostics and testing of transformers. The methods used for this purpose allow prognostication with high precision of the remaining transformer resource “life”. The diagnostics are carried out in two stages:

  • At transformer in operation, loaded with maximum load and temperature;
  • At transformer out of operation, and disconnected from the network.

In this way is assessed the actual technical status, which is a basis for working out and assessment of the repair work volume and the need of upgrading.

„DIT-М” LTD out diagnostics of transformers on the following features:

  • Complete chemical and physical analysis of transformer oil;
  • Assessing types and quantity of gases diluted in oil;
  • Assessing humidity content of oil and hard insulation through direct laboratory measurements, as well as after the method of desorption and calculation according to the transformer model;
  • Standard and non-standard electric measuring of the main insulation features;
  • Thermo vision of a transformer in different loading;
  • Level measuring of partial discharges;
  • Assessing the degree of polymerization of hard insulation;
  • Assessing the average viscosometric degree of polymerization after the method IEC 60450;
  • Assessing the sound level and vibrations of a transformer as a whole and in its separate units;

REPAIR WORKS are carried out on the site of installation of a transformer, by applying modern technologies in compliance with the construction specific features, factory instructions, operative normative acts and regulations about the work carried out.

After being repaired, the insulation is submitted to TREATMENT under a specific schedule, taking in consideration the construction and preliminary diagnostics results. The whole process is carried out with heavy duty oil processing machines, manufactured by leading world companies.

REVAMPING of a transformer is carried out on the basis of preliminary electromagnetic and thermal calculations, technical project and detailed tests of the construction mechanical strength.

There are elements of “ON-LINE” MONITORING introduced after preliminary elaboration of detailed technical projects, using modern complete systems of leading world companies.