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DIAGNOSTICS are made by using some of the methods for diagnostics of transformers. These methods allow prognostication with high precision of the remaining resource and failure probability.

REPLACEMENT of old or faulty bushings by new ones is made

  • After detailed calculations of the electric field intensity around the bushing;
  • After comparing the insulator geometry and the transformer construction;

DIT-̔ LTD has at its disposal a detailed data basis on the construction and technical features of all HV bushings, which are now used in R.of Bulgaria and of those, offered by leading world companies from Western Europe and Russia.


DIT-̔ LTD has at its disposal one of the best teams for diagnostics, repair, reconstruction and replacement of on-load tap changers for power transformers. The company has a rich data basis on the features of on-load tap changers, installed on the power projects in the country.


All transformer oils after operation of 10 and more years need cleaning, in order to fully or partially eliminate the products of aging.

DIT-̔ LTD offers effective and ecologically clean technology for improving the operating parameters of transformer oils in operation. After cleaning they reach the fresh oils parameters, according to BDS/EN..

By this technology are cleaned 500 tons oils, used in different transformers up to 220 kV.