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DIT-̔ LTD is an abbreviation for Diagnostics, Engineering, Technologies- anagement.

The company was founded in 1995, with 100 % private capital, initially as a company for diagnostics and repair of power transformers. Two years later it extended its activities, including generators, electric motors, instruments, and consulting activity, connected to solution for optimizing the rates of consumption and applying energy-saving technologies. The company has at its disposal the necessary resources to carry out repair works on the territory, where operate the electric machines and systems, which suppose minimum loss of customers.

Long-term and fruitful relations with companies manufacturers from Eastern and Western Europe enable DIT-̔ LTD to offer alternative solutions with high technical and economic features.

DIT-̔ LTD is a holder of patents and copyrights for developments in the field of reconstruction and upgrading of power electric machines, by applying high technologies, appropriate with the actual conditions on each project, thus allowing optimal compliance with the requirements of the Contracting party.

At present DIT-̔ LTD is one of the leading companies in Republic of Bulgaria for diagnostics, repair and engineering activity in the field of power engineering, certified after ISO 9001. In the company works high-qualified staff specialists with long experience in the field of diagnostics, reconstruction, production, operation and upgrading of power engineering equipment. Companys priority is continuous improving of the young specialists qualification, as a guarantee for high quality of the services offered.

DIT-̔ LTD guarantees a high quality of work and professional performance at high modern technical level, on these lines: