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DIT-̔ LTD carries out diagnostics on the mechanical and insulation features of high voltage motors, hydro- and turbo-generators, by generally accepted methods, regulated by the standards, conventional methods, as well as by new ones, developed for this purpose, like:

  • Measuring the partial discharges level at various voltages;
  • Analyzing the change of and at various voltages and temperatures.
  • Measuring vibrations and balancing in proper bearings;

Combining these methods gives the possibility to assess the actual technical status of machine systems that have worked, as well as to find out the quality of new ones before assembly.

DIT-̔ LTD has a rich experience in the control of high-voltage section manufacturing with various design. The company has designed, manufactured and delivered over 1800 sections for 6 kV.

DIT-̔ LTD has developed jointly with VEI-Moscow a new type of systems for insulations of high-voltage rotating machines, suitable for repair and showing high quality regarding the parameters dielectric strength and humidity absorption. Manufactured sections have extraordinary qualities of thermo reactive insulation, as they keep for a certain period their elasticity and after applying they polymerize.

DIT-̔ LTD has made a number of researches of turbo-generators 6, 30, 60, 165 and 210 MW and up to 18 kV, the machine resource is assessed and are given specific technical solutions for improving and extending the insulation systems life, and also increasing their reliability.

DIT-̔ LTD carries out reconstruction and upgrading of retaining and centering rings of turbo-generator rotors. For the first time this is made on turbo-generator, type -210-2 , the complete retaining ring assembly being reconstructed, including the damper system of the rotor.

Specialists from DIT-̔ LTD have participated in the design and revamping of the stator winding of turbo-generator -60.-2, using the copper and insulation system of a machine. Insulation elements have been worked out stator wedges, insulation boxes for butt joints, as well as the accompanying detailed constructors and technical documentation.

DIT-̔ LTD jointly with its partners - VEI-Moscow, ZAO DIAKS and American specialists has developed a technology for revamping the insulation of stator winding of a hydro-generator using entirely old elements.